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    XMM-004 the lamp that shield an eye

    XMM-004 the lamp that shield an eye

    Product NameXMM-004 the lamp that shield an eye

    Product Description

    The instructions to the features and usages of Xiaomimi Eye-protection Lamp


    With excellent quality and high Color Rendition Index(CRI>90) , this lamp is the first-rate one in the world. We are committed to produce this lamp with high CRI, small color difference, soft, no stroboscopic and eye protection in your process of using.

    2.The lamp is designed with elegancy and unique. It has a wide range of colors, including pearl white, pink, orange, grass green, and azure, etc. Whats more, it has 2 versions. The first version is equipped with rechargeable battery while the other is not so as to suit customers with different needs.


    Adopting the advanced technology of heat dissipation, this lamp is designed for the maximum of the LED using environment, where you can feel a pleasantly surprising brightness.

    4.Flexible arms and big range of rotation for your comfortable use.

    5.The materials are very carefully selected, dominated by environmental-friendly, poison-free and safe substances, such as ABS, PC and silica gel. The adhesive silicone feet are in line with the export standard of Europe and Amercia.

    6.The lamp rejects traditional mechanical switch. It is equipped with high sensible touch switch integrating the dimming control in a same key. You will feel totally different with this product.

    7.The lamp uses lithium ion battery which is in line with our national standards. The fine workmanship battery management technology enables the lamp to work continuously 3 to 4 hours under the highest brightness, and a few nights under the minimum luminance. This product is well suited for families with elderly people and babies as a night lamp.

    8.Double Color Charging Indicator: red means charging and green means fully charged.

    9.The cellphone Charger and the USB can also charge it. It works in 5.0V voltage. If LED start blinking or touch switch cant work, you should charge your lamp now.

    10.This lamp is a product of unlimited dimmer with memoryxmm004-1, xmm004-2, easy and convenient to control.

    10.1.Long press mode: softly press the touch and switch control key for a few seconds, the lamp will gradually become brighter till it reaches its maximum brightness. Stop pressing if you find a suitable brightness. But if you press it again, it will become darker till it reaches its minimum brightness. If you switch it off, and later you press the key again, it will gradually restore to the brightness before it is switched off.

    10.2.The touch mode: touch the key, the lamp is on; touch it again, it is off.

    The lamp has three levels of brightness (xmm004-3, xmm004-4) for you convenient control.

    Softly touch the switch key, and it will open on the first level of brightness;

    Softly touch it again, it will open on the second level of brightness.

    Softly touch the switch key the third time, and it will open on the third level of brightness.

    12.All the products enjoy our national standard Three Guarantees policy.

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